• On January 10th, we have our foundation meeting Since we all, compared to today, live relatively close to each other, this is the first of several meetings which in the end bring the club on its way. It also gets its name on one of these meetings – "music and communication", back then with the German addition "Musik und Botschaft"

    • In the first years, we put out six newsletters a year – in late February, the first one is published. It has 16 pages and comes to about 10 copies. But, after all, we are only starting out.

    • For April, a tour through Germany is announced, which then never comes together. On June 16th, John album "Some Days Are Diamonds" is released.

    • In September, we are back to the Netherlands for their Denver Day.

    • On September 3rd, John gets the "Premier Artists Award" from RCA, for selling 10 million copies of "John Denver's Greatest Hits".

    • On October 15th, John does a benefit concert for the Windstar Foundation at the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in New York.

    • On November 28th, our first club meeting takes place in Doris' living room. Actually, we had planned for a meeting with our members from the Saarland, but then spontaneously decided to simply invite all members – the result was that we have guests from all over Germany (almost all people from the Saarland, by the way, had something else planned for the day already…

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