• During the Olympic Winter Games in Sarajewo, John works as a commentator for the American television station ABC. He also writes the theme song for their programs from the Games, "The Gold And Beyond".
    • "Rocky Mountain Holiday" is nominated for a Grammy as "Best Album for Children". Unfortunately, it doesn't win…
    • Marion stops working for the club – Gerhard Weiher replaces her.
    • John's ways lead him to Germany once again. No concerts this time, but television appearances for the duet single "Love Again" with Sylvie Vartan. We drive to Luxembourg and meet John in the parking lot of the at this time tiny station RTL plus.
    • Eva, Ralf and Ina resign from the staff; new is Gerhard's wife Heide.
    • John travels to Russia for the first time, laying the foundation for a new cultural exchange program between the Soviet Union and his home country.

    • In November, "John Denver's Greatest Hits Vol. III" is released.
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