• 5 years "music and communication" – the first anniversary newsletter is published. It includes among other things a little bit of "club history" and John's speech "On Being Human".
    • Once again, his schedule brings John to Germany for some concerts. There is a little surprise for us – John sings a part of "Annie's Song" in German!!
    • John does a film again – this time for television. Title is "A Christmas Gift".
    • John's album "One World" is released.
    • John's long time record company RCA does not prolong his contract. John now wants to go his own way producing his albums.
    • In October, John records "Let Us Begin" together with the soviet singer Alexandr Gradsky as a duet; the single is released at the same time in the Western and Eastern parts of this world.

    • And another film – in the Disney production "The Leftovers", John plays the manager of an orphanage
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