• 10 years "music and communication" – the anniversary newsletter includes, among other things, a retrospect of a concert from 1979 and a report about the Mitchell Trio.
    • Inge gets her first computer – never guessed new possibilities for the newsletter, but at first a nice new toy.
    • Jochen and Birgit join the "club business" and take over copying of the newsletters – up to now, Inge and Gudrun had shared this task...
    • Cassandra and John appear in a theatre piece on April 4th and 5th in Aspen - "Love Letters" by A. R. Gurney.
    • Our Denver Weekend this year takes place at Jochen's home in Hamburg.
    • On October, 16th, John is presented with the CARE HUMANITARIAN AWARD.
    • For November, a tour through Germany is announced; a few days prior to the first concert we get the news that John unfortunately fell ill and the tour has to be postponed to April 1992. As a little comfort, the planned tour dates bring the release of John's album "Different Directions"

    • In December, John and Cassandra separate.
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