Wishing you Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year!!!

Maybe you'll find a little quiet time -- if so, you will enjoy watching this:
The ceremony for John's star on the Walk of Fame could really be watched live on the internet! Here are a few pics quickly (Screenshots off YouTube).

The video is up here: Video
Jim Connor, author of "Grandma's Feather Bed", has uploaded his version of the song on his website - listen to it, it is a lot of fun... :) And in case you need an additional reason - John is singing backup! The two of them obviously enjoyed recording it very much...
Go here 🙂

Barry Manilow introduced his new album "My Dream Duets" at QVC this week - one of the duets is "Sunshine on my Shoulders" with John. The QVC show can be watched on YouTube - "Sunshine" starts at around 12:00

Oct 24, John will receive a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. More info, also about how you can watch the ceremony via Internet and about an upcoming exhibiton of his photos, can be found in this article:
Walk of Fame
Just found this article, which gives a little more info and shows the cover of the box menioned in the mail before:
About CD box
Just came accross an exciting find on amazon.com --- check out the Track List!!
New CD box
I have finally found time to update our website with the already set dates for this year's Aspen in October events.
In case you are interested, please check out this link:
AiO 2014
it's been a while again since you heard from me - sorry for this, but sometime what we call "life" comes in between, as you all will know...

Anyway, today I have to tell you about an exciting little "discovery" I made a little while ago.

Browsing though the amazon pages, I came across a book called "FROGMEN", which was written by Richard E. Hyman, who worked on board Calypso with Jacques Cousteau for a while.
Well, I bought the ebook because I thought it would be interesting to learn about being and working on this beautiful ship -- and believe it or not, Richard was on board when John visited Calypso for the filming of the special "An Evening with John Denver"!
So, this was an extra treat when reading a very interesting book!
Lately, I got in touch with Richard, and he was happy to give me permission to promote his book here.
So, if you are interested in learning about life on Calypso, plus read a little bit abot JD, plus see some pictures of him you may have never seen before - check out this website!
Richard is even willing to sign and ship books to those that might like a personalized copy. Charge is $20 for U.S. - Outside the U.S. it would be $20 plus shipping
Just found it on amazon Germany - since we first heard about the album "From LA to Denver - JD on the Skip Weshner Show" we have been trying to find out if it was available outside of Germany ---- well, I often buy from amazon US from Germany, so I am pretty sure it should also work the other way around...
Or it will show up in the other amazon shops as well...
LA to Denver
another mail after a long silence from my side ---
yesterday, "Take Me Home Country Roads" became an official state song of West Virginia!
Okay, of course Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert share a big part of the fame here, but - hey, I doubt there is any other person who (co)wrote and made famous TWO official state songs????
Here's one of many articles:
Country Roads
By the way, the news even made it to German media! The song is very popular over here and one of the most played songs in Germany..