• And another hint for the Christmas season: in the USA, an interesting book was released - "The Littlest Cowboy's Christmas" by Michael Chandler tells about a Christmas Eve Chandler spent with his son, John and Zachary in Aspen. Incuded is a CD, of John singing "Silent Night".
    You can get the book here for example.
  • Right on time for the Christmas season we are able to announce something especially exciting - the album "Merry Christmas, Aspen" has been rereleased on CD!
    It was recorded by local musicians in Aspen 1984 and among other things includes four songs on which John is singing; two are only available on this very album, the other have different versions which are only available on this one.
    Simply go to this site and click "Buy" ...
  • The Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura, CA, presents "Back Home Again; a John Denver Holiday Concert" from November 30, to December 24, 2006 . Further info is available here.
  • Our John Denver Weekend will take place on Oktober 27/28 in 2007 , again in Sinzig in the Freiwegheim.
  • "Special guest" at the John Denver Memorial Concerts in Aspen in October 2006 will be Kathy Mattea.
    Tickets are available directly from the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen.
  • Hyperion/Miramax Books lately published "The Last Days of Dead Celebrities" by Mitchell Fink, and John Denver is one of the celebrities covered.
    Mitchell Fink is an internationally recognized journalist and has had columns in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, People Magazine and the New York Daily News. He has appeared regularly on Fox News, CNN and CBS.
    The book has 288 pages and is a hardback. The ISBN is 1401351980 and it is published by Miramax (May 17, 2006).
  • On July 28, 2006, Sony BMG Deutschland will release the title "John Denver - Love Songs und Balladen" in the serial "Nur das Beste". The songs are mainly taken from "Love Songs & Poetry".
  • The collectors among us can keep their eyes open, there are "new" CDs: the "Folk Singer "CD and the double "Collection" (as cube or Longbox), contains the albums RHYMES & REASONS / POEMS, PRAYERS & PROMISES / ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH
  • The MUSE Foundation announces the release of a new CD: "Flying Again - A Tribute to John Denver" with the Columbia Orchestra Featuring: Kenn Roberts, Mack Bailey, Jim Salestrom, Bill Danoff, Mollie Weaver, Chris Nole, Jim Horn, John Sommers, Ira Gitlin, and the entire orchestra.
  • Kerstin Siewek is planning her next concert with John Denver Songs for Oktober 27th, 2006 – as always at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Realschule in Gelsenkirchen/Erle. Further details and driving directions can be found on her Website.
  • Lorenz Reichelt, or Lawrence Pripple (his stage name), is another German John Denver Fan, who keeps John's music alive by giving concerts. What I find remakable is the fact that Lorenz is "only" 16 years old!
  • We have some new pictures from our orchard. My, how the trees have grown!
  • On February 25th, 2006, another Windstar Chat with Ron Deutschendorf took place. A complete transcript can be found here .
  • Leon van der Meer from the Netherlands released a Tribute-CD "Leon van der Meer sings the hits of John Denver" – it came out very nice and includes the following songs: Back Home Again, Take Me Home, Country Roads, Rocky Mountain High, Annie's Song, Thank God I'm A Country Boy, Rhymes And Reasons, Follow Me, For Baby (For Bobby), Sunshine On My Shoulders, Grandma's Feather Bed, Calypso, Leaving On A Jet Plane, This Old Guitar and Sweet Surrender
    • Christopher Canyon's book "Sunshine On My Shoulders" has received several awards in the meantime – the National Parenting Publication Honours Award, the Benjamin Franklin Gold Award and the ABA Book Sense Selection.
    • The John Denver Memorial Concerts will take place in Aspen at the Wheeler Opera House on October 13th and 14th this year, the John Adams concert on October 15th. More events are planned for the week from October 11th to 16th – further details can be obtained from the site www.john-denver.org, then click on "Aspen in October".
    • In England, a new CD came out– it has the somewhat bizarre title "The Only John Denver Album You'll Ever Need"... Well, we all have a different opinion about this, don't we? Only ONE John Denver Album? Unthinkable... :-D
    • In the USA, a new CD was released as well – it is called "Love Songs".
    • On August 25th, 2006, a film with the title "Almost Heaven" was launched ---- it does not seem to have anything to do with John except for the title song (find further info here: ), but maybe some of you will be interested... ;-)
      The soundtrack includes Country Roads in a Country and in a Reggae(!) version, so the song will appear like this in the film as well.
    • Kevin Stohl has been given the rights by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell the writers of Darcy Farrow to write Four romance novels based on Darcy Farrow my first book Darcy Farrow “Remembrance” will be out summer 2006 as soon as he finds a publisher. Check out Kevin’s website.
    • The musical „Almost Heaven“ continues to be very successful and is, after a trip to California, now being played off Broadway in New York. Infos are available here.
    • The Live CD from Cedar Rapids 1987 which we announced further down, has unfortunately not been released, yet – but there is a CD with 6 Songs from this concert, which unfortunately is only available when you become a member with a TV station for 75$. Titel: Rocky Mountain High; Poems, Prayers And Promises; Rhymes & Reasons; Country Roads; Annie's Song (with one verse in Russian) and Matthew.