• We change to only three newsletters per year – but to make up for this, we keep the colored covers

  • "The Harbor Lights Concert" is released as a 2-CD-Set. It includes two previously unreleased songs, "El Paso" and "Kissing You Good-Bye", and the cover photos are (*whisper*) mine...

  • A musical about John, "Almost Heaven" open in Denver in March

  • John is introduced into the Colorado Performing Arts Hall of Fame

  • The third European John Denver Weekend takes place

  • John's mother Erma celebrates her 80th birthday on August 7th.

  • "Oh God" appears on DVD in the USA

  • A book with John's lyrics is published – "The Complete Lyrics" is said a little too much, but it is a nice and rather extensive collection of John's songs

  • Gabi, Gaby Schech, Kerstin and me (Inge) spent some time in Colorado in October – we try to organize a little club meeting in Aspen, but circumstances are against us --- only a very small circle comes together. But I definitly wouldn't want to have missed this morning in our hotel room!

  • Or course there also is a report about this trip in the newsletter

  • On October 13, the John Denver Statue is unveiled on the Windstar Land

  • We start a "quick info service" by email (sorry, it is only available in German right now)

  • Thomas Rothfuß releases his song "Take Me Home, John Denver"

  • Jay Hair, a good friend of John's and Windstar's director for several years, dies at the age of 56 years
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