• Countrystar Billy Dean releases his version of "Thank God, I'm A Country Boy" and has quite some success with it

  • On May 1st, the Wildlife Concert is shown again – we watch it together on the getting-to-know-each-other-day West :-)

  • Jochen does a detailed interview with Joe Frazier, a member of the Mitchell Trio, which we print in several sequels in the newsletter

  • The John Denver Memorial Concerts, which have been taking place each year in Aspen in October since 1998, continue to be very popular

  • Cherry Lane releases a songbook with the titel "Poems, Prayers and Promises – The Art and Soul of John Denver". It includes, besides the sheet music to many songs, memories of com-panions about John and lots of photos – among them a great many taken by John personally

  • "A Song's Best Friend" is released – once again we get a previously unreleased song on a new CD – this time "The Weight".

  • We do an interview for the Newsletter of "Goldstar TV"

  • Johns Sohn Zachary gets married in September
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