• Successful John Denver Memorial Concerts take place in Switzerland - Mack Bailey there joins John's former band members Pete Huttlinger and Chris Nole

  • A year of major changes for almost all staff members

  • "Rocky Mountain High" is delared the second official state hymn for Colorado - besides "Where The Columbines Grow"

  • Once again, Inge travels to the USA to visit the events in Aspen. Unbelievable that it has been10 years already now since John lost his life! Gaby Schech and Nicole travel with her this year

  • An exciting new Live-CD is released - "John Denver in USSR" - it consists of tracks from his solo concerts in Russia 1985

  • A memorial plaque for John is dedicated Pacific Grove, close to the crash site -- but then it is not put up, after all, as changes are to be made

  • We discover a web site where you can hear VEEEERY old concert recordings with John  - from before he went solo! Here you go: http://www.cincinnatidancingpigs.com/concerts.html

  • "Merry Christmas, Aspen", a Christmas album produced in Aspen, is re-released on CD
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