• On March 15th, John's father, Henry John Deutschendorf sr., dies.
    • Also in March, John's album "Seasons Of The Heart" is released.
    • On May 20th, "Oh God" is shown for the first time in Germany on the TV station ZDF.
    • On May 22nd/23rd, a Denver Weekend takes place in the Netherlands – a new idea back then, but it will prevail…
    • From June on, John and his wife Annie go separate ways.
    • In the Summer, a book about John is published in Germany, which we helped to write. Unfortunately, it is only available for a short time, as the publisher is closed down a little while later.
    • John starts wearing contact lenses…
    • On August 4th, John is presented with the "Carl Sandburg Award". This time not in his capacity as singer, but as song writer.
    • On October 16th and 17th, our first Denver Weekend takes place in the Youth Hostel in Tholey. This little house with 40 beds will remain the home of our annual meeting for years to come.
    • In October and November, John is in Germany for concerts – the staff drives to Frankfurt together and a little later then to the Netherlands. These are solo concerts which we all love – we take the opportunity to do some "advertising" for the club at the concerts, and for the first time we get a chance to shortly talk with John.

    • In December, US television shows the Jacques Cousteau Special "Stairway to the Sea", which includes John's song "Storms Of November", that never was officially released.

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