• John is back to Europe – unfortunately again not to Germany. Not everybody can, like us, make a trip to one of the concerts. We are grateful for any reports we get about the concerts, so that those who couldn't be there, get an impression.
    • Jochen starts his series "Did you know that…".
    • In Japan, John releases a CD Single along with the Japanese singer Kosetsu Minami; The A-side is "The Flower That Shattered The Stone" in a Japanese/English version, the flip side is "Carelessly"; which is only available on this single.
    • The Windstar Foundation, (co-)founded by John, will from now on work together with the National Wildlife Federation.
    • John's album "Earth Songs" is released.
    • The book "Alfie, The Christmas Tree" is released by the National Wildlife Federation. The 24-page booklet with the words of John's poem and drawings by Jean Pidgeon nowadays reaches astronomical prices at Internet auctions…

    • "The Flower That Shattered The Stone" is released – it is generally the same album as "Stonehaven Sunrise", but for legal reasons it had to be renamed for the American market.
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