• Again concerts in Europe – and again Germany is left out, so that we have to travel to see John. ("Hamburg on John Denver's trail" gets part 4…)
    • Inge, Jochen and Birgit are off to the USA in Summer to participate, along with other club members, in the Windstar Symposium. Since Windstar was friendly enough to supply us with press passes, we are able to give a detailed, first hand report to our members. A little bitterness – John has an accident with his car on the Friday before the Symposium and is unfortunately unable to participate.
    • The Cäcilia-Hütte is not available this year, but in the Freiwegheim, our Weekend finally finds its new location.

    • John's autobiography "Take Me Home" is released in the USA – John goes on an extended presentation tour, which he will later call the "flesh-eating book tour". Obviously, he didn't think it was too much fun...
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