• Gudrun decides to resign from her position in the club as the new year begins – what we are very sorry about. She also has a suggestion for people to follow her. We are happy to accept this suggestion, as Gabi and Gaby have certainly stood the test as Weekend organizers in the meantime!
    • An eventful club year starts – in February, Jochen and Birgit travel to New York, to be there for the recordings of the "Wildlife Concert" (and to tell us about it!). Later in the year, CD and video which capture these two memorable days are released.
    • After all those years, our club finally gets a logo...
    • "Walking Thunder" is shown on English television.
    • Gabi and Inge are in the USA in Summer and visit the Windstar Symposium and three concerts in California. This time again, there are press passes for us at the Symposium and of course first hand reports for the members.
    • Fall finally brings John back to Germany for concerts; since one of them, the one in Ludwigshafen, takes place on our Denver Weekend, we rent a bus and drive there all together. We fill the front and second rows completely and half of the third – this is an unforgettable experience and of course a very special Denver Weekend!
    • Once again, the membership raises remarkably after the concerts – our newsletter reaches its up to now (?) highest number of copies – 220 pieces.

    • Shortly before Christmas, John participates in a Christmas Concert at the Vatican. He sings "Little Drummer Boy", and this is also available on CD!
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