• March brings a last "meeting" with John for some of us – he is in Europe for a few concerts – unfortunately, Germany is not on the list.
    • After a long time, John gets a Gold Record once again, for "The Wildlife Concert".
    • On August 26th, John's album "All Aboard" is released. After a long time, once again an album with new songs, this is simply great!
    • On September 18th, John gives an "Online-Interview" at CompuServe; everybody can ask questions in a chat, and John answers them the same way.
    • On October 11th and 12th, the second European Weekend takes place, again in co-operation with out "colleagues" from the Netherlands. This time, we meet in Baarlo close to Venlo. Again, we have a big response and lots of fun with our guests from all over Europe.

    • October 13th is most likely the most incisive day in the history of the club. In the early morning hours, we learn that John lost his life the day before in a plane crash in California. The last newsletter of this year becomes a "good-bye" from us to John and testimonial of the fact that it will take a long time to digest this shock.
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