• 15 years "music and communication". This time, we have a very special idea as how to celebrate this anniversary. In cooperation with John's organization "Plant-It 2000", we plant an orchard close to Sinzig on our Weekend. We ask members, friends and family to help us financially to achieve our goal – 15 trees, one for each year. The result blows us all away – not less than 50 little trees are standing on "our" orchard today!
    • We establish the "getting-to-know-each-other-days" in the Springtime, which are meant to give fans who are not living too far away from each other the opportunity to - yes, get to know each other a little better.
    • On June 12th, John is introduced into the "Songwriter Hall Of Fame".
    • The album "Love Again" is released – to start with, only in Scandinavia. This may not be a completely new album, but after all, new recordings of well known songs.

    • On our Weekend, we have a few guests from the local newspapers, who report about our tree planting project in detail.
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